Sunday, August 28, 2011

Welcome Week Adventures

Hello and welcome, everyone.  This blog is for all of you who are supporting me financially, emotionally, and through your love and prayers.  I hope to keep you informed about some of the awesome things that I am learning and doing this year as a FOCUS intern.  But before I get started, I want to say thanks to all of you for all that you do!

The first week at UNT was crazy!  Freshmen moved into the dorms on Sunday morning, so many of the student leaders and I were out at 8 a.m. meeting new students and carrying boxes up the stairs of Maple Hall.  Afterward we cooled off with some free snow cones provided by one of the university offices.  Move-in day was a fantastic opportunity to make connections with people who are new to the campus and make them feel welcome.

Fast forward through a whole lot of junk food, free stuff, new people, random events, kubb, wandering lost around campus, and more new people, and we get to Friday, the first FOCUS meeting of the semester.  After a week of inviting everyone in sight, we completely packed our room in Wooten Hall!  It was so exciting to see all the girls I had invited meeting each other and the other members of FOCUS.  We worshiped God with some great music from Austin, Ana, and Glenn, and Brad shared his vision for FOCUS: a community committed to serving God and each other by challenging one another to grow in relationship with Jesus.  Everyone had the opportunity to sign up to be in a Core (small group), and more than sixty people said they were interested.  Our Core facilitators will certainly be busy this year!

That's just some of the awesome stuff that I've been involved in so far as an intern.  I've also been going to class with Ronnie Worsham, where we're discussing the gospel of Matthew (totally cool), and I've got plenty of spreadsheets to make and data to type (not so cool).

Back to work.  Happy Sunday!

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