Thursday, June 8, 2017

Summer Shenanigans

The sun is out, the temps are rising, and the flood of students walking around campus each day has diminished to a trickle.  That can only mean one thing: SUMMER!


At the beginning of summer each year, FOCUS sends a group of students to SICM, the Student Institute of Campus Ministry, in Bellingham, WA.  This year we sent around 80 students who have shown their potential for leadership in campus ministry through their faithfulness to God, their love for other people, and their willingness to learn and grow.  Those students spent a week in intensive classes taught by seasoned ministers learning how to grow deep spiritual friendships and lead their peers toward a thriving relationship with Jesus.  They also got to do a little sightseeing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Some of our UTA ladies enjoying the weather at SICM

SICM students at Peace Arch Park on the border with Canada

Here's what a few of our UTA students said about the experience:

"This week I was blessed to go to Bellingham, Washington to spend my first week of summer participating in the Student Institute of Campus Ministry, learning more about how to be a disciple, and how to disciple others. Boy oh boy did God show up! I am so grateful for this wonderful community who values us each as individuals and as a whole! So excited to see all that God is going to do this next semester and to be a part of it!" - Goodness I.

"This trip was filled with so many memories that I won't forget. I love these people and their hearts for Jesus so much. Washington is so beautiful and a great reminder of how mighty our God is. SICM taught me and equipped me to be a better missionary on my campus and for that I am so grateful." - Brooklynn T.

"What an amazing week learning about God and how to further His Kingdom spent with amazing people who strive to do it alongside me." - Taylor R.

Those quotes are answered prayers for these students and many more.  Please pray with me that all the students who attended SICM would take what they've learned to their campuses and make disciples for Jesus there.

School of Ministry

Even though most of our students are out of school for the summer, ministry doesn't stop!  One of my favorite things about summer is School of Ministry, in which FOCUS invites students to engage with their faith on a more academic level.  This summer I am leading a ten-week class going through the entire New Testament.  We're listening to the New Testament Foundations class taught by Dr. Rikk Watts at Regent College.  After listening to the lectures, we come together as a group to ask questions, share insights, and reflect on what the books of the New Testament have to say to us.  This class has been personally enriching for me, and I am hopeful that the students participating will experience the same benefit.  Would you pray that all of our FOCUS students would continue learning and growing in their faith this summer whether or not they are in class?

Summer Fundraising

Summer is the season when we, the FOCUS staff, contact friends, family, past FOCUS alumni, and other members of our community and ask them to invest in what God is doing on our college campuses through FOCUS.  Our new apprentices are raising their entire budget for the next school year, while the rest of our staff are trying to increase their monthly support or raise money for the general fund.  Either way, every donation received helps us to continue the important work of making and maturing disciples on our campuses.

I have two requests to make:
- First, please pray for our entire staff, and especially our apprentices, that God would stir the hearts of generous people and move them to support us and the mission of FOCUS.
- Second, would you prayerfully consider supporting FOCUS financially?  Or if you already support, would you consider increasing your regular donation by 10%?  You can make a donation at or email me at with any questions.

Thank you so much for your prayers, your financial support, and the love you show me and all our FOCUS students!