Wednesday, November 8, 2017

November Already

Greetings from UTA! The semester is more than halfway over, and God has been on the move!!

UTA Fall Camp
Fall Camp
Fall Camp is a highlight of every year in ministry! Sometime in early October, we take our FOCUS students away for a 24-hour retreat at a beautiful campground. They spend time playing games, eating snacks, and hearing from their peers how God has been at work changing their lives. Although it's only a short time to get away from the hectic routine of college life, Fall Camp has a big impact on the depth of relationships between our students. For some, they get to spend more time together at Fall Camp than they would in a whole semester of Core!

Caitlin and Jalen preaching the word at TNF
Jalen and Caitlin are our UTA apprentices. I have been so blessed to work on a team with these talented young ministers! Above is a photo of them preaching their first sermon together at one of our Thursday Night Fellowships. Even though it was their first sermon, they were comfortable and clear communicators, and I was deeply moved by their message about the importance of connecting to God on a personal level.

In addition to preaching, all of our apprentices also spend plenty of time in class. I have the privilege of teaching a class to them on Financial Stewardship that begins this week. The Bible speaks frequently about money, greed, and generosity, and my task is not only to help them form a coherent understanding of how God wants them to deal with their finances, but also to teach them how to teach those principles to the students they meet with each day. It's a big task; your prayers are appreciated!

So far this semester, four of our young women at UTA have been baptized! Each of these ladies has made the choice to commit fully to God, and I couldn't be more honored to play a tiny part in their journeys. I know God has big plans for them! Would you pray for each of them? Their names are Megan, Carla, Natasha, and Jocelyn.

Thank you
Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but I want to begin early by thanking you for your prayers and financial support. You are making an impact on students at UTA!