Tuesday, April 5, 2016

SSI, Spring Showcase, and so much more!

So many exciting things have happened in the life of our community since I last wrote, and I can't wait to share them with you!


Each spring, CCF, our sister ministry in Washington, sends a group of students to our campuses for one week for an event known as SSI.  They spend the week reaching out to students on our campuses, starting spiritual conversations, and making friends.  I'm pleased to say that the week went smoothly, and the ten students and two interns who came to our Denton campuses had a great time.

One of the benefits of SSI is that each year, it encourages our students to start more conversations with their peers about spiritual topics.  Pray with me that the excitement of SSI week will continue to motivate these students to reach out to people in their classes and just walking on campus.

The SSI team getting ready for a day of outreach
Spring Showcase

The Finale
If you didn't make it to Spring Showcase on April 2, you missed out!  We had something for everyone: Broadway duets, dueling violas, ballet, Storm Troopers, and more!  It was an incredible evening of entertainment, but more importantly, we raised around $17,000 to send our students to SICM!  Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed!  With that money, we will be able to help our aspiring student leaders attend SICM (Student Institute of Campus Ministry) this May, so they can learn the skills needed to lead Bible studies and help their fellow students become better disciples of Jesus.

Spring Showcase was organized and run by our interns, and they did a fantastic job.  And that leads me to the team that will be taking over next year...

The Apprentices

The 2016-2017 FOCUS Apprentices
These five beautiful people pictured above will be our apprentices for the coming school year.  Right now, I am working closely with them as they raise their financial support for their upcoming apprenticeship.  Please pray that God would reward their efforts and lead them to people who are willing to support campus ministry.  I am so thrilled that these five apprentices will be working on our campuses next year to lead students into closer relationship with Jesus.