Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer - A Season of Transitions

This summer is a season of change for many of us in FOCUS.  The spring semester has ended, students are headed back home or starting summer jobs, and new graduates are discovering life after college for the first time.  Please pray for all our students over the summer - that they would make smooth transitions and use their summer break wisely.

It's also a time of transition for the FOCUS staff.  May 31 was the last day of the FOCUS Internship.  We gathered together to celebrate our fourteen interns and thank them for their service over the past ten months.  Of those fourteen, some already have new jobs lined up.  Others are still searching and waiting.  Some will pursue graduate education.  And four of our graduating interns will continue on as members of the FOCUS staff.  Please pray for all fourteen graduating interns; pray that God would guide them through the transitions they are facing and that they would continue to serve him faithfully wherever they go.

As you may remember, I will also be going through a major transition of my role in FOCUS.  Next Saturday, I will be packing up a truck and moving to Arlington!  I will be joining Sarah King, Austin Gage, and April Ashton on the FOCUS team at University of Texas at Arlington.  FOCUS has only existed at UTA for one school year.  It's a young group, but it's just bursting with enthusiasm for following Jesus and growing His kingdom on that campus!  Please pray for me and the UTA team as we get to know each other and work to prepare for the coming school year.  Please pray also for the Denton team that I am leaving.  They are losing me and Sarah Hubbard, but they will be gaining Danielle Rodriguez.

I am eager to get to know my new campus, and I hope you are, too.  Here are some quick facts about UTA so you will know the situation we are headed into.

- Founded as Arlington College in 1895
- Incorporated into the UT System in 1965
- Over 37,000 students currently attend classes on campus.
- 72% undergraduate students; 28% graduate students
- 12% of enrolled students are internationals!
- Popular fields of study include nursing, engineering, and public affairs.

I can't wait to start connecting with those students and introducing them to Jesus!

Please keep me, the FOCUS staff, and all our students in your prayers this summer.  I appreciate your support!