Thursday, April 13, 2017

April Awesomeness

Hello friends! March and April have held so many blessings for the FOCUS community.

 In late March, a small group of students came to Texas from Washington state on their spring break. Instead of enjoying a relaxing vacation, they spent their week reaching out to students on our campuses for Jesus. These students came from Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF), a college ministry in Washington that has blessed FOCUS by sharing their wisdom and experience with us for many years. Our campuses were blessed to have those students visit, and our local students were motivated to reach out to others on campus as well.
Washington students starting spiritual conversations at UNT

On April 1, a few hundred FOCUS students, alumni, supporters, and friends gathered to enjoy an evening of music and art at Spring Showcase.  This event was a huge success - incredible performers, beautiful custom artwork for sale, and lots of funds raised to send our students to SICM this summer.  But the most encouraging thing to me about Spring Showcase is seeing so many people who have been impacted by FOCUS all together in one room.  FOCUS not only touches the lives of our student members, but it impacts their families, their friends, their coworkers and neighbors - and many of those people enjoyed a fun and entertaining evening to support FOCUS.  If you made it to Spring Showcase, THANK YOU for coming out and blessing our students!!!

All the friends who attended Spring Showcase!

The school year is winding down at this point.  Students are working on final projects and studying hard for exams.  Please pray for the following needs at this time:

 - Pray for students to be open to Jesus even at this busy time.  Just last night a new friend visited our Core for the first time!  Praise God!
- Pray for students attending SICM (Student Institute of Campus Ministry) in May.  This is a huge opportunity for them to learn how to lead their peers toward Jesus.
- Pray for summer plans - FOCUS continues to meet over the summer, and we also hold School of Ministry classes for our students.  We also have an intense season of fundraising ahead in order to welcome 8 new apprentices to our staff!
- Pray for me and Matt.  We are currently searching for a house in Arlington.  Please pray that we would find something close to UTA and suitable to host students for Cores and fun events.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!